The New Gold Standard in Scoring Software

Course Overview

This interactive course takes a look at all the main
features in Dorico. It includes the five modes in
details covering all the main functionalities. The
course is for both beginners and expert users, who
want to learn the ins and outs of the new scoring
software by Steinberg.
Released in 2016 and currently on version 2, Dorico
has already established itself has the most advanced
music notation software on the market, pushing the
boundaries of scoring.
Built from the ground up with a clean design, a
powerful algorithm for automatic engraving, multiple
parts and layout, support for multi-section writing in
one single project, playback and sequencer built in.
Moreover a dedicated section will be available to
Finale and Sibelius users interested in switching to

Michele Busdraghi 

Composer, Music Producer, Musician.
Master Degree at Berklee College of Music in Scoring for Film, TV and Video Games.
He has scored and orchestrated music for feature films and advertisements

Course Outline


- What is Dorico, how is different from other scoring software

- What can you do with Dorico

- Navigation, menus, basic options

- The Steinberg Hub

- Introduction to the five modes

Setup Mode

- What is Setup Mode

- Flows, Players and Layouts

- Adding instruments and players to the score

- Managing players, flows and custom layouts

Write Mode

- The Rhythmic grid and the Caret

- Input notes: computer and MIDI keyboard

- Popovers and the Notations toolbox

- The Properties panel and the Articulations

- Copy, paste, move and duplicate notes

- Basic percussion instruments concepts


Engrave Mode


- Basic Engraving Options

- Introduction to Music formatting

- Introduction to Music, Text and Graphic Frames

- Moving Staves and Systems individually

- Staff and Note spacing

- The Properties panel in Engrave Mode


Play Mode


- Using the Piano Roll

- Edit Midi notes: played vs notated durations

- Playback Options

- HALion Sonic SE

- Third Party VST Instruments 

- The Mixer and The Transport Windows

- Continuous Controllers


Print Mode


- Page Setup and Destination

- Page Arrangements and Duplex Printing

- Print and Export a Graphic score

- Layout Prints and Multiple Layout Prints

- Annotations




Contact  -  Skype: michele.busdraghi